Birth and Labour Doula Support

The support you need during labour.


You want someone who knows your wishes and can help you express them when you’re in the throes of labour. You want someone to fill in when your partner can’t, and provide direction on how you might like to be supported. You want someone focused solely on you, whose only goal is to make you feel comfortable and safe during childbirth.

Birth doulas do that.


Edmonton Area Family Doulas provide an unconditional source of strength and encouragement when you need it most. In busy moments, birth doulas are your source of calm. And if things get intense, your doula knows what your goals for labour are and can help ensure they’re communicated.

Your doula can direct your partner, suggest different positions for comfort, or simply offer encouragement and take pictures. If your partner becomes too tired or overwhelmed, your doula can step in and take over. If you’re experiencing birth alone, your doula becomes your right-hand (wo)man, honouring you and your body’s needs.

Our doulas work without bias, serving only to support you in the choices you’ve already made and discussed with them. And unlike your doctor or midwife, whose primary concern is the physical health of you and your baby and whose attention is divided, your doula is focused on you and you alone.

Plus, your support from your doula starts long before you go into labour. In fact, you get 24/7, on-call support from the moment you sign up. That means any pre-labour questions are answered, whenever you think of them.

Having an expert in the room, dedicated to your needs, enhances your birth experience—no matter who else you’ve got in there with you. Book your free consultation to discover how you can benefit from a birth doula today.

Birth support includes:

  • Complimentary consultation

  • One or two prenatal visits

  • 24/7 on call support from contract signing 

  • Assistance with writing your birth preferences 

  • Continuous physical and emotional support

  • Professional relationship with your care provider(s)

  • Assistance establishing breast or bottle feeding

  • One postpartum visit 

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