Postpartum Doula Support

You want support (and sleep).

We’re here to deliver exactly that.


Babies are adorable. They’re also exhausting. Frequent wake-ups and odd schedules might be normal, but to a postpartum parent it can feel overwhelming. Your friends joke about getting used to having no sleep, but that doesn’t really have to be the way it is—does it?

Not with us, it doesn’t! Postpartum and infant doula care means having an expert with you to help you decode those mysterious baby cries, help achieve the perfect breastfeeding latch or formula ratio, and—your soon-to-be favourite part—take care of baby while you catch some serious Z’s.

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And with one partner typically returning to work shortly after birth, it is oh-so-comforting to have someone in your corner to help you through those first few weeks (months, whatever. We’re totally flexible).

Have questions about what’s normal for your body or your baby? We’re right here to answer them. Want someone to gently guide you in the best ways to meet your baby’s needs (based on your values and your family)? We’ve got you there, too. Need some help with cooking and light cleaning, so you can spend your time bonding with your new little squish? Food is our favourite!


Reach out and discuss your needs with us!

We can help you assess your postpartum needs and create a postpartum plan that sets the stage for a blissful recovery from pregnancy and birth.

So, What Exactly Does a Postpartum Doula Do?


Postpartum Doula care can be difficult to describe. The support new parents receive looks different for every family, every day. Some days a Postpartum Doula is a Fairy God Mother, today she could be somebody’s Supernanny, tomorrow she may be more like your closest BFF. Her goal is to give you the physical, emotional, and informational support that you need to understand your own physical and emotional recovery, and to best care for your baby on your own terms.


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Postpartum Doulas are trained professionals who deeply understand the postpartum period. Your Postpartum Doula nurtures you, your baby, and your family as you recover from pregnancy and birth. A Postpartum Doula is:


An extra set of eyes: Parenthood comes with a steep learning curve. Even experienced parents have moments where they’re unsure if their baby is healthy and happy. With the professional expertise of your Postpartum Doula, you’ll have reassurance and a second set of trained eyes available to you at any time.


An extra set of hands: It takes time and practice to be able to feed a baby while loading the dishwasher and tossing in some laundry. You cannot have too much help after your baby is born. Postpartum Doulas help around the house, attend to the entire family and get infants settled so that parents can shower, rest, and enjoy one on one time with their other children!


A set of ears: We’re there to listen, and validate your struggles. Fluctuating hormones, lack of sleep, and the always changing demands of a newborn baby are more than enough to put most of us on edge. Talk to your Postpartum Doula about how you’re feeling. Lean on her for support. Be open and vulnerable knowing that she is a safe space that understands what you are experiencing.


Postpartum and Infant Care After Your Baby is Born


A Postpartum Doula’s tasks can include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Care of your newborn

  • Feeding support for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, formula preparation, and pumping

  • Comfort and information as you process your experiences as a new parent

  • Overnight assistance allowing you to sleep through the night knowing your infant is lovingly cared for, or help while you care for your baby

  • Care of older children

  • Light housekeeping and meal preparation

  • Run errands or teach you to run errands with your baby


The calm and nurturing nature of our Postpartum Doulas will provide a safe space for you to heal and transition into life with your new baby.

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