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Meet Our Doula Team

Edmonton Area Family Doulas was brought to life by founder and agency owner April Fermaniuk. After meeting her mentor, and completing her training program, April was inspired to create a local doula business focused on providing non-judgemental support for the entire family. April has a giving nature and has always had a passion for people. After having three children of her own, she also has a passion for all things related to mom and baby.

She found a way to bring them both together by founding Edmonton Area Family Doulas. April is kind, compassionate, and sincere. Her easy going personality will put any new parents' mind at ease and her empathetic nature will make her a valuable member of any birth or postpartum team. April has brought together the best doulas Edmonton has to offer to create a unique shared care model for families.

The team at Edmonton Area Family Doulas are passionate about ensuring you and your family feel both safe and confident in the support you are receiving from us before, during and after the birth of your child.

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Our Doulas


April Fermaniuk - Agency Owner

ProDoula Certified Labour Doula, ProDoula Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula, Infant Care & Childbirth Educator, Placenta Specialist.

After her degree in Cultural Anthropology, and spending 11 years working at a financial institution, April was ready to pursue her true passion!

She find supporting and educating families through the birth and postpartum period inspiring! She brings to her clients experience, compassion, and an unbiased open ear to listen.

When not immersed in Doula life, April is spending time with her husband and three kids. She also volunteers her time with the local charitable organization Babies in Cloth Edmonton. April also enjoys working with the staff and students at her children's school.


Bry Myshyniuk - Birth doula

Bry brings positivity and calmness to her doula work. She has spent her entire career supporting families! After 7 years as an amazing dental assistant she had her son Max and decided to change the way she supported families by becoming a birth doula.

Bry enjoys going on a day adventures with her husband, son and three crazy dogs. She’s a crafty DIY gal, and loves baking. You might also find her binge watching homesteading shows!

Transitioning into doula work came so easy to Bry and clients adore her. Her Grandmother was a neonatal nurse midwife and after her own son was born premature. As a result, Bry has become even more passionate about supporting families as they navigate early parenting (and NICU) challenges.


Lisa Rea - postpartum doula

Lisa is incredibly kind, caring and passionate about helping out postpartum families! She became a doula to support mothers and families as they adjust to their new normal, help them find routine and get in some sweet newborn snuggles too!

Lisa has had a life long career supporting families! Whether it was as an Animal Health Technologist, a Dental Assistant or at home nurturing her two beautiful children.

She enjoys a quiet afternoon with a cup tea, cross stitching and walks at the off leash with her two dogs. She loves animals (she has 4 at home) and is passionate about rescuing greyhounds.

Any family will be lucky to have someone as amazing and compassionate as Lisa in their corner!

anitta head shot.jpg

Anitta Jensen - birth & postpartum doula

Anitta brings such positivity and heartfelt support to all her clients. Her uplifting energy provides a nurturing, warm and safe environment to those around her.

Anitta shares her life with her husband, 3 children, 3 horses, 3 cats and 1 donkey on a secluded acreage. She is a lover of the outdoors, nature and is an explorer, seeker and teacher at heart.

After a career in sales and as a family literacy coordinator for Sturgeon County Anitta found balance, alignment and peace with crystals, Reiki and true passion in doula work.

Anitta has currently trained with both DONA & ProDoula and is hoping to pursue bereavement work in the future. You can also find her hosting amazing workshops with Serendipity Wellness!


michelle Neraasen - Birth Doula

Michelle became a doula to offer education, understanding, compassion and continuity of care at a time of great change in peoples’ lives. She is the mother of 5 kids the youngest of whom are twins, a military spouse and retired military member.

Originally training with DONA in 2016, Michelle is currently also undergoing the Maternal Support Practitioner training through Bebo Mia which covers Birth, Postpartum & Fertility.

Michelle has an appreciation for nature, enjoys solving puzzles and is actively involved in her children’s schools and sits on their Wisdom & Guidance Committee which supports reconciliation throughout the district.

Michelle is active with the Doula Associate of Edmonton, ASAC and is exploring supporting families through loss in the future.


olivia strashok - postpartum doula

Olivia is sincere, caring, patient and is so passionate about postpartum work! She wants women to feel supported and understood during what can be an overwhelming and vulnerable period of time after baby comes.

Olivia has an amazing husband and two wonderful kids. Keeping healthy with her family is a huge priority and when she’s not killing at the cross fit gym she’s biking with her kids or just hanging out on their acreage.

Originally trained with CAPPA Olivia is looking forward to expanding her knowledge of postpartum care with the Newborn Mothers Collective in the near future. Right now you can also find her working hard at Mamas Intuition.


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She is not a friend. She is not a healthcare provider. She is a mother figure of the most ancient kind. Her life experience empowers you. She is a reassuring presence who will always listen to you and support you in your chosen path. She will remind you of those choices, and the reason you made them, when you doubt, are anxious, or afraid. She sees you; the real you. Her understanding of your journey supports your self-confidence. She eases pain with a touch, a word, a look...She is a doula.

~ Author Unknown