Get some C-O-M-F-O-R-T from your Birth Doula

When you hire a birth doula what will she do for you during labor? Using C-O-M-F-O-R-T I will explain some of the things Edmonton Area Family Doulas will do to support your hopes for a memorable birth experience.

C is for Cheerleader

As your Doula I will be your personal motivator! I will dance/scream/cry/laugh/breath along side you. I know that you totally got this and it is my privilege to be a part of one of the most incredible and intense moments of your lives. I come with my hands, my heart and my head before, during and after your birth.

O is for Ouch

Labor is intense, but it’s ok because I come prepared with comfort measures, position changes and lots of reassurance. Whether you are slow dancing, squatting, or lying in bed I will be there with you and your partner trying different techniques to manage your pain or guide you through the “BRAIN” process (benefits/risks) if you decide on additional pain management.

M is for Marathon

That is why you are hiring a birth coach (aka doula)! I have an intimate knowledge of birth, babies, breastfeeding and bottles.  You are the one running the race but I will along side you (and your partner) offering tips and tricks and offering words of encouragement. The 'race' may take a long time but I will always be there when you need me. 

F is for Feelings

Excitement, fear, pain, anxiety, happiness, sadness, love. You will potentially go through all of these emotions and more during labor. I will be there, unbiased, sharing these feelings along side you. As your doula I will validate the emotions of you and your partner and provide knowledge and reassurance as your labor progresses. 

O is for Objective

I will be your non-judgemental birth doula ‘encyclopedia’. Are you dealing with prodromal labor? What is normal? What might happen next? Questions about the various stages of labor? Pushing? Interventions? Newborn care? No matter your decisions I will provide unbiased support and information. I am your resource 24hours a day 7 days a week from the time we sign our contract, through your entire labor/birth and after baby is born. 

R is for Relaxation

You can focus on your birth knowing that I have you and your partner covered! I will remember your birth preferences, remind your partner to eat, help set up your home birth, keep the lights low at the hospital and always maintain a professional working relationship with your care provider(s). As your doula, I will be the calm during the storm!

T is for Together

Doulas, birth and moms go together like winter and a sweater. I can be an important piece of the labor puzzle. I will help you and your partner hold it together when you think your confidence is falling apart. Together we will make the ultimate birth team!

Authored by April Fermaniuk, Owner Edmonton Area Family Doulas (ProDoula Pre-CD Labour Doula & ProDoula Pre-CD Postpartum Doula)