Let's Talk Vaginas, Nipples or Listen to Country Music!

Let's Talk Vaginas, Nipples or Listen to Country Music!

Edmonton Doula and Client

“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive.” (Brené Brown)

As a new mother sometimes you just need someone to listen and take away some of the fear that comes with postpartum recovery and raising a newborn. Someone to talk to about vagina's, nipples or maybe how you really felt in the middle of active labour. 

Postpartum doulas are comfortable listening to you about issues like vaginal soreness after birth. We can help you understand what is normal when your vagina and perineum are recovering. Make suggestions for ways to promote healing (do you know how to make a padsicle?) and remind you of the care suggestions your care provider suggested as well. Edmonton Area Family Doulas also has a list of vetted resources available we can refer you to if you require any additional support. 

We will be right there to encourage you when you think your baby isn't getting enough milk. We can make suggestions when you are struggling with breastfeeding like new positions to try or suggestions to ease dry/cracked nipples. We are also trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of breast engorgement, infection and thrush and encourage you to see a physician when necessary. 

Bottle feeding? Don't worry we can provide you with resources to find a bottle and/or formula that works best for your little one. We can help you master a new swaddle technique, organize the babies laundry and even help you prep those freezer meals if it helps take some stress away so you can recover physically and emotionally. 

Or, if all you need is a companion to truly listen, we can sit together, eat donuts and listen to endless amounts of country music. You never have to fear that you will ever be judged by us for your tears, cussing, or any of the choices you make for your beautiful new family. 

Authored by April Fermaniuk, Owner Edmonton Area Family Doulas (ProDoula Pre-CD Labour Doula & ProDoula Pre-CD Postpartum Doula)