Our Safe Placenta Encapsulation Processes

Our Safe Placenta Encapsulation Processes

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is the process of making the placenta into easy to consume capsules.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, January Jones, Gaby Hoffman, and Alicia Silverstone have been consuming their placentas, and as a result, this previously underground practice has become all the rage for trendy new moms.

The Edmonton Area Family Doulas Placenta Encapsulation Process

Placenta encapsulation is one of our most popular services at Edmonton Area Family Doulas. We love offering the service of placenta encapsulation to new parents in a safe and supportive manner.

When you book placenta encapsulation with Edmonton Area Family Doulas you can expect to have your placenta prepared by a ProDoula trained Postpartum Placenta Specialist. ProDoula trains all Postpartum Placenta Specialists in person, with real placentas. Postpartum Placenta Specialists also have current Blood Borne Pathogen Certification, and follow Canadian Food Safety Guidelines.

Your Postpartum Placenta Specialist will check in with you a few weeks before your due date, provide all the information you need to store and transport your placenta home, and answer all of your questions.

When you give birth, you will call your Postpartum Placenta Specialist to book your services. She will come to your home with everything she needs to prepare your placenta. The entire process of placenta encapsulation takes two days, and your Postpartum Placenta Specialist will be at your home 2-3 hours each day. She will use a burner on your stove, your sink, and a small amount of counter space. Don't worry; she will put everything back when she leaves each day and leave your kitchen cleaner than she found it.

Your Postpartum Placenta Specialist prepares your kitchen and protects your surfaces. She will wash your placenta and prepare it for steaming. Your placenta will be steamed and then be dehydrated following food safety guidelines. The dehydrator is the only thing your Postpartum Placenta Specialist leaves behind on day one of the placenta encapsulation process. When she returns on day 2, the placenta will be dry and ready to be ground into a powder and put into capsules for easy consumption.

By choosing Edmonton Area Family Doulas, you also get access to your Postpartum Placenta Specialists expertise on newborn care and postpartum recovery. You can watch the entire process if your curiosity is peaked, or get much needed rest while she works. You can also ask any questions you have about your experience, how to care for your baby, or what’s going on with your body as you recover. Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists are also Postpartum Doulas!

For more information or to reserve your due date with an Edmonton Postpartum Placenta Specialist, please contact us. We’d love to answer your questions about placenta consumption and our process.

Authored by April Fermaniuk, Owner Edmonton Area Family Doulas (Labour Doula, Postpartum Doula, & Postpartum Placenta Specialist)

*post modified Feb 2019