Celebrating Midwives in Edmonton!

Celebrating Midwives in Edmonton!

Since 1992 the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) leads a global celebration of midwives on May 5th. Although there is still a lot of work to do in Alberta to insure access to midwifery care for as many women as possible, we are very fortunate to have a great list of midwifery practises in the Edmonton area. Today we celebrate and honour the amazing work they do!

I was so fortunate to receive midwifery care for the birth of my third child. It was an amazing experience and I was forever grateful for the care they provided to my son and I. In fact, my husband was the most grateful as this was a much more calm and comforting experience for him as well. (~April, owner of Edmonton Area Family Doulas). The care before, during, and after was exceptional and that experience holds a little extra space in our hearts because of our midwives.

A midwife is your primary care provider for your pregnancy, delivery, and for the birthing person and baby postpartum. You see your midwife instead of your family doctor or obstetrician. The Alberta Association of Midwives states:

“The midwifery scope of practice includes providing primary care to low risk clients and their newborns through pregnancy, birth and 6 weeks postpartum. Registered midwives have complete access to laboratories and diagnostic services; are able to prescribe and carry select medications, and consult or refer to other specialists when needed. Accordingly your midwife can order prenatal lab work, ultrasounds and prescribe certain pregnancy related medications. Hospital admitting privileges are available in most regions where midwives practice, or in most cases clients are able to choose to deliver in a birth centre or at home.”

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Midwives in the Edmonton area support home births, hospital births, as well as at the amazing Lucina Birth Centre (I was fortunate to birth there). In order to apply for midwifery care you must first complete the central registration waitlist application.

Here is a list of the amazing midwifery practises in the Edmonton Area (in no particular order):

On behalf of the entire team at Edmonton Area Family Doulas, an extra special THANK YOU to all the amazing midwives in the Edmonton Area. We are so glad you are here to support families and we are very lucky to have you! Happy International Day of the Midwife.